My service

My type of bets

My strategy of betting consists in analyzing unbalanced games for which there is a clear favorite. Most of my bets are on the favorite of the game but I tend to bet more and more on the underdogs, especially for cup games.

In my earlier years of betting I used to bet on Over/Under but I have been focusing on “Asian Handicap” for years now. I also take bets on “Over Team”.

My bookmakers

All the bets that I take are available on the Asian Market.

I am betting mostly on Pinnacle using a Betting Broker.

My strategy

I decide of a bet based on a list of criteria and on special information that I can find on a team.

My strategy is to bet on games I estimate that there is a significant margin between the score I predict and the one the bookmaker predicts – usually a difference of 2 goals which is huge but happen many times a year. It is very different from most of bettors you may know (and even professional betting companies) that are betting as soon as they detect even a small value on a game which leads them to bet on several games a day, especially on weekends.

This strategy makes me pick only a few bets each month (around 2 or 3 games maximum). The number of games I bet each month is not linear over the year – I may bet on only one game in January, 2 games in March, but 3 games in 2 weeks in July.

I am also interested in other strategies I start to work on but without money at stake at the moment.

I track my bets on my personal spreadsheet that is available for everyone in the section “List of picks” of my website. It includes the bets of my service and also the bets I take regarding other strategies I am working on but without betting money (identified as “fun” in my bet tracking).

My service

My service is free of charge.

When it is possible for me to share a bet (refer to last section of this page), the main platform I use is Telegram ( I also share my bets through Twitter (, especially in pre-game. The format of the bet is : Date (date, In-Play), Match, Bet, (minimal) Odds, (bookmaker), Unit (/10). I do not share in pre-game or in-play the bets I play for fun.

For each bet that I share I give the number of units I put at stake according to my confidence. It is very unlikely that I offer bets with any other stake than 10/10 since I only select bets that have a significant margin with my expected score.

Those bets are available on the asian market (Pinnacle, Singbet, ISN, …) which provide good limits on any games – this is particularly true in-play. Max bet can be limited on 200 euros on Pinnacle in pre-game but increase to 2,000 euros as soon as the game starts, even for minor leagues.

As mentioned above, my bets are recorded on this website in a spreadsheet available in section “List of picks”.

This website also provides analyses of games whether or not it results in a bet. Tracking of high potential games that did not result in a bet is in my opinion as important as tracking the most successful bets.

Important note to consider

Time is a KEY factor when it comes to betting.

Betting requires a lot of time in a life where we already have so much to manage and enjoy. Many things in life come first than betting that is for me both a passion and a way to afford life experience activities like traveling in amazing places. Therefore there are many personal reasons that may lead to lack time for my betting activities.

A lack of time to analyse games is very dangerous and can have severe consequences ! It may lead to perform a wrong analysis of a game (by neglecting one key analysis criterion for example) or using an inappropriate staking that may ruin all the serious work that have been done in the past. It is the challenge I face the most in my daily betting activities and the solution is to follow a strict process that has been proven efficient over time.

I am doing my best to provide you with the best bets of the market but it may happen that due to a lack of time I cannot be able to share every single bet with you.

Sharing my bets with the community requires both time and availability. It is an additional task to the one I achieve for my own betting : time spent to analyse games, take decision of a bet, define the stake, place my bets in pre-game or early in-play. It also requires me to use a specific platform (Twitter, Telegram). To share bets I usually need to be available when it starts and it may also happen that I am already spending the first minutes of the game by taking my own bets due to last minute availability of the line-up or due to the availability of better stake limits or if I am waiting for the asian handicap line to lower.

I do my best to share the maximum amount of bets with you. However I never neglect the time I take to analyse games just to be able to share more bets with the community since everyone would lose from that : both you and me.